Risk Assessment Builder - 6/7/21


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Risk Assessment Builder

Introducing our Risk Assessment Builder now available through Fleet Admin. Easily store, manage, and build Risk Assessments. Recreate existing PHA/RA’s using our fully customisable Risk Assessment Builder or take advantage of preselected defaults built by our partners in safety HSET Solutions or build your own in a new way.

For only $49/month

Manage, build and store

Risk Assessments for your entire Fleet.


Seamless prestart integration requires operators to sign off on Risk Assessment before they can complete a prestart, detects any document updates/changes and all operator signatures get stored against the asset in Fleet Admin.



Key Features:

  • Store and manage all current Risk Assessments

  • Create your own Risk Assessments

  • Preselected defaults, built by our partner HSET Solutions

  • Prestart Integration

  • Unlimited Amount of Assets


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