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New Release

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Activations Made Easy

New Activation Process using a QR Code

Activate trackers on the go with our new self activations tool. Easily install, activate and assign trackers on the go. Simply scan the QR Code on your tracker and follow the prompts. If you are on your phone, click the code below that will take you straight to the activations page. All trackers from now will come with the QR code, you can also find it on our website.


Watch the video below on how simple it is to use. We encourage all of our customers to get onboard and follow our new activations process



Hardware Update


The Fleet Office is now supplying G120 trackers. These trackers are recommended for use in trucks and cars, and can also be used in the Cab of plant equipment.


Key Features:

  • Inputs available for monitoring different sensors such as PTO or seatbelt

  • Contains Internal battery

  • Accident and rollover detection, speeding, harsh braking, and more

  • Store weeks of records even when device is out of cellular coverage

  • Storage capacity for over 10 days of continuous 30-second logging

  • Internal backup battery for when main power is lost

  • Easy installation

RRP $299.00

Fault Finding

New additions to our Help Centre, guides for troubleshooting and tips to diagnose and rectify common issues.



Have a question? Our Live Chat feature is here to assist
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