FleetHire - Hire Calendar

The FleetHire Calendar allows you to filter & view your Assets in a calendar format.  Choose to view via Day Week or Month.  Colour coded fields allow you see at a glance if booked, on stand down or if an Asset has maintenance scheduled in FleetMaint.


  • Click on Show Advanced Filters to view all Filter options
  • Select options from drop downs
  • Click on Clear Filters to clear selections



Date View

  • Select from Current Month, Day, Week or Month or Year view
  • The > icon will move calendar forward one day
  • The >> icon will move calendar forward one month
  • Click on Current to bring you back to the current date increment selected



All Assets will be displayed as per the Filters & Date options selected above.  

  • Click on Show Legend to view colour codes
  • Hover over a coloured field to view relevant information
  • Click on coloured field to keep relevant information on the screen
  • Clicking on purple text will take you to the relevant area of The Fleet Office



PDF Calendar

It is possible to export calendar to a PDF.  Use filters to make your selections & click on the Screen_Shot_2022-07-07_at_9.18.18_am.png icon to download.


Email Calendar

Use filters to make your selections & click on the Screen_Shot_2022-07-07_at_9.19.48_am.png button will enable the PDF to be emailed.  

If a specific client is not selected you will only be able to email the calendar within your organisation. 


Once a client has been selected, it is possible to send calendar to Client contacts.  Scroll to the bottom of the email list to see Client Contacts.



Next Step - Allocations


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