Fleet Intel/FleetMaint Scheduler - 29/7/21


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Intel Dashboard

The updated FleetIntelligence Dashboard is now available in The Fleet Centre.

View and manage maintenance, prestart and utilisation data at a glance from the FleetIntelligence dashboard. Easily customise the dashboard layout to see information most relevant to you. Filter information by asset types, divisions, or date ranges.


Key Features:

  • New look

  • Customisable dashboard to suit your needs

  • Monitor asset utilisation, driver behaviour, maintenance and more

  • Easily filter by asset type, division, or date range

  • Simplified, faster incorporated into the new Fleet Centre

Work Order Scheduler

Work Order Scheduler is now available in FleetMaint. Schedule and assign work orders to fitters by simply dragging and dropping into a time slot.

Key Features:

  • Allocate work orders with ease,

  • View the maintenance schedule by day, week, or month

  • Filter work orders by status, priority, or date of creation

  • Configure workshop hours to ensure jobs are allocated accordingly

  • Jobs are colour coded by status


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