Adding Sites & Site Documents

Add new sites, update existing and add site-specific training in Induction.

Site documents & external websites can be added for individual or global for all sites, users are prompted to read & sign the documents during their Induction.

Select Sites from the InductionAdmin Admin Dashboard


Adding a New Site


  • Click Add New Site


  • Enter the Site Name
  • Site Address
  • Add a Site Start Date and Site End Date  - Optional
  • Click Submit
  • Sites can be Edited & Deleted

Adding Site Documents - Global

Global documents will be available in all sites
  • Click on Global Site Documents
  • Drag file or Click to Select.  See list for allowable file types
  • Document will appear in the Current Global Documents list
  • Company Only - For Users
  • All Users - Users & Subcontractors

Adding Site Specific Documents 

  • Got to Sites
  • Click on Documents for specific site
  • Load site documents as above
You will see all Global Documents listed Screen_Shot_2022-09-02_at_3.03.22_pm.png & Site Specific documents

View Document Sign-Ons

  • Click on View Sign-Ons
  • This will display all users that have signed on to document
  • This list can be exported to csv

Next Step - Adding Site Specific Training

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