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FleetAdmin - Generating QR Codes

Public Maintenance History section is how you generate a QR code for the individual asset. This QR Code enables public access to documents, Prestarts completed & the maintenance history of asset, via a unique URL.

Being a unique URL it is possible to send this link via email to interested parties, they will then have access to all information.

Click on Generate Public Maintenance History URL & QR Code 



 Once QR Code is generated it is possible to download the PDF for printing



Click on the Public Maintenance History Page, this opens the unique URL page.

This shows you all of the maintenance history available for the asset.

Clicking on the 'view documentation' Tab shows the publicly visible documents set in asset documentation

Being a unique URL it is possible to send this link via email to interested parties, they will then have access to all information.



It is possible to Generate QR Codes for Entire Fleet. 

Go to Fleet Admin Assets, click on Generate QR Codes for Entire Fleet.

This action will preserve any existing QR codes and only generate codes for assets without a code.



QR Code Stickers Print

The Fleet Office currently offers complimentary bulk printing for the first print run. They are printed in quarterly batches. If you would like to register, please click on the link to order your stickers and we will be in touch - QR Code Sticker Order. 

If you have already received your complementary print but would like more stickers in future, you can still register for the print run, and they will be charged out to you per asset sticker.

Once printed, place QR codes on your Asset. 



Printing Your Own Stickers

As our QR code stickers are printed in quarterly batches. If you have just missed the last print run and would like to get your stickers urgently, you can follow the steps above to generate QR codes for entire fleet.

As this is outside of our normal schedule, you will be charged directly from the printing company. 

Once you have generated your QR Codes, then select 'Export QR List to CSV'.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 3.32.35 pm.png

This will download a CSV list of all your assets and their corresponding QR Codes. 

It is important to proof the list to ensure all information is correct (Asset Name, Rego etc.). If you need to make any changes or remove any assets listed from the print, we encourage downloading the CSV and editing directly from there. As each line has the corresponding QR code link, please delete the entire row if needed to avoid any errors. 


Once you are happy with your asset list and ready to send to printers, contact Jo Webb from our printing company Star Stuff Group - jo@ssgp.com.au. 

In your email, inform her that you would like to use The Fleet Office asset sticker template, as well as provide your company logo and CSV of asset QR list. Stickers can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete printing and dispatch to your office. 


If you have any issues when generating your printing list please contact our team via phone at 1300 110 248. 


Using QR code on Assets

  • Simply open your camera app on your device and select the rear-facing camera. 
  • Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder. Your device will recognise the QR code and display a notification at the top of your screen or as pictured below in yellow icon. 
  • Click on 'thefleetoffice.net.au'
  • This automatically redirect you to the unique URL page for the asset. 



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