FleetHire - Completing an On / Off Hire Checklist

On / Off Hire Checklists can be completed using The Fleet Office app:



Completing On Hire Checklist:

Select On Hire


Select Asset

  • Asset Type - Please select vehicle type
  • Asset - Please select vehicle



  • You will then see the assets current hire status, along with any previous checklist history
  • Select Contract from dropdown list
  • Click on Perform On Hire


  • This takes you to the Hire Checklist
  • Complete On Hire Checklist, filling out all required information  
  • You can include up to 3 photos for each checklist item
  • You will not be able to proceed through the On/Off Hire Checklist until all required fields are completed


  • On Hire checklists can be completed consecutively without requiring the Off Hire of an asset

Completing Off Hire Checklist:

Select Off Hire


  • You will only be able to Off Hire Assets that are currently On Hire
  • Select required asset
  • Complete Off Hire Checklist as per On Hire


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