FleetAdmin Assets - Costs - Xero Integration

FleetAdmin Costs can be synced with Xero to display paid Revenue & approved Purchase Order & Billing information on individual Assets, straight into FleetAdmin. Displaying a Profit and Loss on each Asset. It is as easy as linking Xero, Xero Tracking Category 1 & TFO Asset Unit ID numbers.        



Linking Xero Tracking Categories

  • In Xero, Create Tracking Category 1 - Please advise TFO via support@thefleetoffice.com.au the Tracking Category Name.  TFO will need to create this link in the backend.  
  • In Xero Create Tracking Category Options - These are your Asset Unit ID in FleetAdmin- The Category options & the Unit ID in TFO must match to enable the syncing of data.


Only Assets listed in Xero Category Options will sync with FleetAdmin Costs.

Using the example below, only Assets TFO-01 through to TFO-04 will collect data in Costs.  The remaining Assets listed in TFO Admin will not sync. Xero cannot create Assets in FleetAdmin, nor can FleetAdmin create Category options in Xero.  These must be added in manually in Xero.

Screen_Shot_2022-06-02_at_11.49.44_am.png Screen_Shot_2022-06-02_at_11.56.48_am.png


Initial Connection - Xero & The Fleet Office

  • Click on Show Xero Tools


  • Connect to Xero



  • Allow The Fleet Office to connect to Xero 


  • Once login is confirmed, you will be taken back to The Fleet Office

Regular Xero Integration

  • Go to Costs page
  • Click on Show Xero Tools
  • Click on Sync Now to import data from Xero
  • This will update data for all linked Assets


Interpreting Xero Cost data

Estimated Are estimated costs added in FleetMaint - See below
Committed Are Approved Purchase Orders & Bills in Xero
Actual Are Paid Bills in Xero


Is Paid Invoices in Xero

Detail lines with a Type I are approved Bills & lines with a P are approved Purchase Orders

Revenue Detail lines for all Paid Tax Invoices
Estimated Costs Detail lines for all estimates with Work Order number listed


  • Use the headings to filter information as required
  • Information will update as it progresses through Xero & when the Sync Now button in The Fleet Office is triggered.

Enter Estimated Costs in FleetMaint

If you have FleetMaint enabled, you have the ability to enter Estimated Costs via Work Items


  • Go to FleetMaint
  • Find the correct Work Order
  • Open the Work Item
  • Enter the estimated amount in Cost Estimate
  • The Work Order will add all Work Item estimates together 
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