Tracker Activation App

The Fleet Office Activation App is used to activate a tracker from your phone. You can test and assign the tracker to the Asset.

Step 1 - Plug in Tracker

  • Plug the tracker in
  • Start your asset and wait for the lights to stop flashing before proceeding with the activation
  • If the tracker has green and orange lights, both will need to be solid on.
  • If the tracker has input and output lights, Output 0 and 1 will need to be solid on. 

Step 2 - Scan QR Code

  • Scan the QR code with your phone
  • The QR code is located on the install guides. This will take you to the activation app. You will be prompted to enable location services.


Please Note: Ensure you select allow as the App requires you to be within certain distance of the tracker to be able to activate it. 

Step 3 - Company Details

  • Enter your name and the company you work for
  • If you are an auto electrician, put your company name in this page, not the company that owns the asset.
  • Check the “I’m not a robot” check box and click begin.


Step 4 - Enter Tracker Number

  • Enter the tracker number. This is the number on the silver sticker stuck to the tracking device.
  • Ensure you enter the correct number.
  • Click Select 


Step 5 - Confirm Tracker

The confirm tracker page will load up and show you the current location of the tracker.

  • Confirm the last packet of information by checking the time of last signal.
  • This page will also show you the mobile and GPS signal strength. If either are not connected, you will receive an error message.
  • Check lights as mentioned above for confirmation 


Step 6 - Run Tests

You will need to run the appropriate tests for the tracker you are installing. 

  • Select the tests you would like to perform one at a time and run the test.
  • If successful, the cell will turn green
  • If unsuccessful, try running the test again before calling the team
  • You can skip the input tests if no inputs are connected.


Step 7 - Assign the Tracker

Once all required tests have passed, it will be time to assign the tracker to an asset.

  • First you will need to select the company you are performing the install for
  • If you start typing in the company name, you can select the company from a list that will be displayed.


Step 8 - Link to Asset

  • Enter the asset ID you want to activate
  • Fill out the kms and/or the engine hrs of that particular asset
  • If the asset is pre loaded in the system, it will show up in a drop down list for selection
  • Select Asset

                  7.png  6.png

If it is a new asset that is not in the system, then select Add New and move on to Step 9

Step 9 - Add New Asset if required

When new asset button is clicked, four fields will show up on screen for details regarding the asset.

  • Please ensure you complete these fields
  • Enter Asset Unit ID - This must be a unique ID 
  • Enter Asset Type
  • Enter Asset Make
  • Enter Asset Model
  • Click Create

4.png 3.png

Step 10 - Confirm Details

If all the steps are done correctly a confirmation box will show up, make sure all your data is correct. 


  • When ready click Confirm Details and Activate
  • Click on Reset if you need to correct any information                                                  

Step 11 - Activation Successful

When activation is successful you will see below

  • If required, click on Activate Another Tracker      




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