FleetAdmin - Time Zones

Your company's default time zone is set from FleetAdmin Organisation page.  If you have assets that operate in multiple states and territories, you can set specific time zones for your assets using divisions.

Time Zones - Setting a Division Time Zone

Once a division is created, you will be able to set a time zone for the assets that are allocated to that division:


Time Zones - Tracking and Reporting

Once a division time zone has been configured and you have allocated your assets to the appropriate division, your tracking and reporting will follow the time zone set in the division:


Timezones - Prestarts

In the pre-start summary the time of a submitted pre-start will be the timezone of the device that has submitted it, regardless of the set Asset Division.

The (Processed) time, is the time the prestart is processed by the server.  The server is in AEST.

Pre-start summary report will report on the submitted time.

The (processed) time may also be affected if a pre-start has been completed in an area without mobile service.  The pre-start will be (processed), when the device comes back into mobile range. 





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