FleetHire - Client Costing Page

The Client Costing page can be used by external clients to track costs or internally to manage Assets on different projects.  TFO customers using the Client Portal Link, would create a client for example: TFO Training Internal Projects, then create a new contract for each project.

Allowing your team to track what Assets are on internal projects at all times & manage Asset related project costs.

Once a contract has been accepted, you can send a link to your client so that they can access view their contract and apply cost codes:


Note: Once a Client Portal Link is sent to you client, the rest of the Costing Page instructions will apply to your client. Feel free to send a link to this article if your clients are unsure on how to access the Costing Page.

FleetHire - Send Client Portal Link

From Contracts, navigate to the client's contract. At the bottom, click "Send Client Portal Link":


Select the Client Contact, and make any necessary changes to the subject and body of the email:


FleetHire - Accessing Costing Page

Your client will receive an email with a link to access their contract's costing page:


The client can enter their email, and request an Access Code:


FleetHire - Viewing the Costing Page

Once the client has logged in, they will be able to view the contract items, allocate Job Codes or Cost Codes:



Clients can also view any invoices associated with the Contract:


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