FleetHire - Organise Assets - View & Send On/Off Hire Checklists

FleetHire Assets allows you to organise your Assets and store and send completed On Hire / Off Hire condition reports. 

Any changes to actual Asset data will need to be completed in FleetAdmin




Asset Configuration

  • Go to FleetHire
  • Click on an Assets


  • Here you can link Assets that will be hired out together on a regular basis
  • Click on Remove will delete link

Condition Reports - On / Off Hire Checklists

  • Click on Condition Report


  • This will list all On / Off Hire reports completed for Asset - These are also stored against the Asset in FleetMaint-Asset View 
  • Click on required Condition report
  • This will show all entries & photos taken
  • Click on Send / View Condition Report to email & view report in PDF 
  • To Email
  • Select required Template
  • Enter any cc: or Bcc:   
  • Clicking on Tab after entering email will enter address correctly
  • Click on Include PDF
  • Select correct Template
  • Click Send to Email


  • To View/Download
  • Click on Send/View Condition Report
  • Click on Include Pdf
  • Select Pdf Template
  • Click on View record
  • This will download the PDF for viewing
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