Corporate Induction

Corporate Inductions will be automatically allocated to all Induction Users.

Users must complete this induction before continuing on with Induction process.

  • From InductionAdmin Home page, select Organisation
  • Click on Corporate Induction


  • Click on Add New Section


  • Enter Name of Section
  • Add Section



Adding Slides 


  • Click on Slides
  • Files must be in an image format. eg: jpeg. png.
  • Drag & drop or click to select images to upload
  • Once files are uploaded it is possible to reorder & delete
  • Click on the slide to view a larger version

Adding Questions

  • Click on Questions
  • Click Add new Question


  • Select the checkbox if your question only requires 2 answers
  • You must enter either 2 or 4 answers to each question
  • Enter the question in the New Question field
  • Enter various answers
  • Click on Choose Correct Answer, this will highlight the correct answer
  • Click "Submit"

Adding Video

Videos can be added from an MP4 or link to a YouTube video.

  • Click on Video


  • Copy YouTube URL or
  • Drag & drop or click to select MP4 video to upload

Edit Sections

  • Sections can be deleted from front page
  • Slides & questions can be deleted from sections


  • Clicking on Reset will require all Users who have completed this section to re-take

Corporate Inductions are linked to ALL Induction users - Every User will need to complete.

Next Step - Adding Sites 


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