FleetTrack - Theft Prevention

Please contact us as soon as you have identified a stolen Asset on 1300 110 248 or support@thefleetoffice.com.au


We will help you through the process of tracking and gathering the required information for authorities.

See below Alert options to help prevent theft & help to recover tracked assets.

Please Note: If stolen asset has a battery tracker, alerts will not be activated by ignition based alerts.  Geofence alerts will work but it will only activate approximately 30 minutes after movement begins.

Create Geofences Entry & Exit Alerts

This option would be used to advise when a normally stationary asset has exited a Geofence or if the worksite is identified as a high risk for theft.

For example you can create a geofence around a workshop & create a geofence exit alert and filter by the required asset or asset type.  The notified person will receive an email upon asset leaving geofence.


Create a Distance from Ignition off Alert

Creating this Alert would notify if an Asset has been moved a defined distance without ignition being turned on.

This would be best used for large Assets that are floated on and off sites.  Identifying that an Asset is currently being floated.  You can filter by a Division, Asset or Asset Type.  You can also  Notify Driver who could advise if it is a legitimate movement.


Out of Hours Operation Alert

This Alert allows you to define usual hours of operation. If hours are set between 5am & 6pm and an Asset has ignition or moved at 3am an Alert will be sent. Filters can be set to drill down on particular Assets or Asset Types, allowing you to exclude Light Vehicles if applicable. 


Creating a Geofence around a stolen Asset

If an Asset has been identified as stolen, you can use FleetTrack to locate.

Once located & stationary you can create a Geofence around its location.  Create a Geofence Exit Alert.  This information can then be passed onto the police, alerting them that the Asset is on the move and its current location.




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