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Fuel Logging allows Users to enter fuel litres against the asset via the TFO App & in Fuel Logging Admin. 

TFO tracked assets, will count the total run time between fills & and give you an average fuel burn for each asset, per month, by asset type, Project & also a total number of litres.

The average Fuel Burn data is only available to clients with TFO trackers. 

All TFO users can use the Fuel logging to track litres against assets & projects.  Data can be downloaded for ease of comparison to fuel purchase information.


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Logging Fuel

The fuel can be logged via The TFO App - See TFO App- Fuel Logging

Fuel can also be logged on the Fuel Logging Admin page.



  • Click on FuelLogging from FleetCentre
  • Click on Log Fuel on the Enter Fuel Data tile
  • Select the asset from dropdown list
  • Enter litres filled into asset
  • Select the date of fill - Please Note: Date cannot be changed on a TFO tracked asset.
  • Select Fuel type if required. This option will save for future use
  • Fuel Additives can also be added and not be calculated in the Fuel Burn
  • Select Project from the Dropdown if applicable
  • (It is possible to turn this option off & on for App Users via the main page) 
  • Select the source of the fuel from the preset dropdown
  • If a Company source or Other is selected, Users will have the option to add that asset number or a description
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Back to Fuel Logging to return to main Fuel Logging Menu

Source Option - Company Fuel Truck - Company Fuel Tank

If Company Fuel Truck or Company Fuel Tank is selected, an option to choose another company asset will appear.  
If selected, the user will be able to select the source from the asset list within The Fleet Office.

Source Option - Service Station

If Service Station is selected, the User will have Service Station Retailer options to select.


View Assets

  • Click on View assets
  • This will display all assets that have had fuel logged
  • Use filter boxes to display required asset
  • Date of last Fuel Logged will be displayed
  • Click on an asset number

This will display all logging information for asset with the average Fuel Burn displayed.  Use the filter to adjust to dates required.

The fuel burn is calculated by the total litres to fill the asset, divided by the run hours until next fill.  This number is then averaged out over the number of fuel fills.

Company View


Company view allows you to view logged details company wide.  Use the filters to see Fuel Burn via month & asset type.

It is possible to download the data for ease of comparison to purchase information.  Enter required dates & click on Download CSV.

The Fleet Office have partnered with Refuelling Solutions to offer FleetFuel.  Contact us at support@thefleetoffice.com.au to get started!


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