Safer Together - IVMS Trackers & Reporting

The Fleet Office hardware and software can ensure that your company meets the Safer Together requirements for heavy & light vehicles.

Please contact us at to ensure your asset is on the correct IVMS script, receiving GPS data every 5 seconds.


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IVMS Trackers

The TFO IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems) tracker is the required hardware.

Please see below the wiring requirements to meet Safer Together standards:

Seat Belt Input 1
4WD Input 3 - If 4WD reporting is required a 6 wire IVMS will need to be installed. 


Please contact our Hardware department for more information or call 1300 110 248

IVMS Driver Fob

Driver must sign on to IVMS using a Fob / iButton.  See article on how to Assign Fob to a User.

These are available for purchase.  Please contact 

Alerts & Reports

How to create an Alert

How to create a Report

The following Alerts will need to be set up:

  • Driver Behaviour. – This will capture harsh braking, harsh acceleration, seatbelt, etc.
  • Speeding Alert 10%
  • Speeding Alert 15%
  • Speeding Alert 5%
  • Possible Impact or Rollover
  • Vehicle Duress

The following Reports will need to be created:

  • Alerts Sent Out
  • Usage Summary

All reports & alerts can be filtered by Asset to ensure that you are only reporting the above on Assets with the Safer Together script.  



IVMS Event Codes 

The following list shows all event codes for IVMS Trackers. 

Codes  Reason
0 Breadcrumb Report 
1 Ignition On 
2 Ignition Off 
10 Forward Acceleration
11 Reverse Acceleration
12 Left Acceleration
13 Right Acceleration
15 Tilt Detected
16 Tilt Detected - forward
17 Tilt Detected - lateral
20 Accident Detected
30 Fatigue Warning Issued
31 Fatigue Limit Reached
35 Driver Signed In 
36 Driving Without Sign In
37 Sign In With an Unknown Device (server generated)
38 Rest Paused/Vehicle Moving/Driving Time Started
39 Rest Started/Vehicle Stationary (obsolete)
40 Driving Without a Seatbelt Start
41 Driving Without a Seatbelt End
53 Rest Started/Vehicle Stationary
91 A 15 Minute Break Has Been Taken
92 Fatigue Warning During Break
93 Fatigue Alarm During Break
95 Rest Button is Pressed (Rest Started)
96 Rest Button is Pressed (Rest Cancelled)
98 GPS Lost Report
99 Device Disconnected (battery low) Report
128 Clear Current Fatigue Alarm/Warning
129 Reset all Fatigue Timers
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