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FleetHire Invoices uses all On Hire Asset information to auto fill invoice fields based on the entered date range. Invoices will include any Stand Downs entered for the date range & tracked Assets can display the total hours used or additional charged hours based on set maximum usage, depending on your client settings.

Automatically Generated Invoices

Clients can be set to auto generate tax invoices.  See Client set up
All auto generated invoices will appear as per client specifications in Invoices for processing.

Manually Create Invoices

  • Go to Invoices
  • Click on + Add Invoice
  • Select Client
  • Select Contract from list (Contract must be in On Hire status)
  • Enter Date range for Invoice

Process Invoices

The invoice will bring in all billing information for Assets On Hire in the Contract for the invoice date range.  Unit amounts will be auto filled based on Contract units types & contract rates.

If it is a tracked Assets this can display the total hours used or additional charged hours based on set maximum usages. Depending on your client settings.

It is possible to override No of units, unit costs or remove line items all together.
  • Click on save when invoice is finalised
  • Once Invoice is saved the following option will appear on the bottom of Invoice
View/ Send Invoice Set up Templates to send invoices directly to clients from FleetHire
Export to CSV Export invoices to CSV for upload into accounting software
Delete Deleting invoice will remove invoice totally from system
Cancel Invoice Cancelled invoices can still be seen on the Invoice main page with status of cancelled
  • Click on approved to change the invoice status

Xero Clients - See FleetHire - Xero Integration

Jonas Premier Clients - See FleetHire- Jonas Premier Invoice Export

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