FleetParts - Adding Parts - Individually

Parts can be added into FleetParts by downloading the Importer Template or you can add them individually.

Screen Screen Screen


Adding Parts  

  • Go to FleetParts
  • Parts
  • Click on the Green + button - Add Part



  • Enter data
  • Fields with a are required 
  • Category & Sub Category can be created by typing into field & tab across, or you can choose exisiting from the dropdown
Order Qty This will set the Qty for each order
Min Qty Set the minimum quantity required for each part

Compatible Models

Compatible Models links the parts to their models.  Allowing you to link the Part to the Work Order Item within FleetMaint - Auto Servicing
  • Click on Add



This will display dropdown options for all of the Makes & Models within your FleetAdmin listed Assets
  • Select compatible Models
  • There can be multiple makes & models for each Part

Supplier Parts

  • Click on Add Supplier Part



  • Choose Supplier from the dropdown
  • See FleetParts - Suppliers for how to add Supplier
  • Enter the Suppliers Part Code
  • Choose if it is OEM Part
  • Qty on Hand will display current stock levels
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