FleetParts - Import Parts

Use FleetParts Importer template to bulk upload parts.  Stores, Store Locations, Stock levels & Suppliers can also be created by the Importer. 

Download Importer Template

  • Go to FleetParts
  • Import Parts
  • Click on Download Importer Template
  • Open Importer Template csv


Add Data to Importer Template

Parts, Categories, Stores & Locations can be added during the import process or you can add these directly from FleetParts.  Please ensure that if you have already added these areas within FleetParts that you use the exact wording within the import.  Any data that is not exactly the same, will be created as additional fields.
  • Add Data to Import
Below is an explanation of each data source.  Bold headings, data is required on each row.  Red & Bold Headings are only required the first time a unique part code is imported
Part Code Internal part number
Part Name Part name
Part Description Part description
Length, Width, Height, Diameters Measurements of part
Order Qty Sets the default order quantity for the part in purchase orders
Min Qty The company wide desired no. of minimum stock quantity 
Category Create Categories for easy reference & searching within Parts lists
Sub Category Create Sub Categories for easy reference & searching within Parts list
Notes Add notes for each part
Avg Cost Set average cost
Store Min Qty Specific store desired minimum stock quantity
Store Name Add parts directly into stores
Level 1 to 4 Add parts directly to store levels
Actual Qty Enter parts with the current / actual counted qty
Supplier Name Add supplier name 
Supplier Part Code The part code/number specific to the supplier for the part
Is OEM Part? Yes or No
  • Save Import Template


Upload Part Importer

  • Drag & drop or Click to Select the saved Import Template
  • You will receive a message with the number of Parts successfully imported 



Import Failed

If the required data is not within the Template, an error message will appear.  No Parts will be imported while there are error messages.
  • Go through each row to fix error
  • Save Template
  • Upload


Add Parts to multiple Locations or Suppliers

It is possible to upload multiple Locations or Suppliers for the one Part.

  • Duplicate the same Part Code onto seperate lines
  • Add the different Store Locations, Levels & Suppliers Name & Supplier Part Codes
  • Upload as above
  • The one Part  will show multiple Locations & Suppliers listed
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