New Features - Docket Emailing & Trip Logging - 13.10.23


New Feature - Dockets

Email your dockets straight from the TFO App! 


Dockets are now available to be emailed directly from the TFO App, eliminating the need for administrative approval and manual sending. Our latest feature streamlines the process, ensuring a more efficient and hassle-free experience for all users.

- Email notifications to Admins if the Docket is unable to be sent.

- Easily view which Dockets have been emailed from mobile and desktop. 

- Choose to Automate sending email upon Docket submission.

There are a range of options for submitting the correct email delivery address to cater for all use cases. 

- Enter email address from within Docket

- Select an email address from multiple choice options created in the form

- Set a Project specific email, ability to link Projects to Hire Contracts



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New Feature - Trip Logging

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We have just launched a fantastic new feature to assist with claiming Fringe Benefit Tax - Trip Logging. This feature is found within FleetAdmin and is included with all subscriptions at no extra cost. 



Here is how it works:

🗺️ Trips are automatically logged if asset is selected.

👤 Drivers can access their own trips from the TFO App, allowing them to add the following data;

        ✅ Trip Purpose: Easily categorise trips as either Business or Personal, eliminating any confusion when it comes to sorting your journeys.

                ✅ Reason Description: Drivers can provide a brief description for each trip, compulsory for all work related journeys. 


Easily access and export this data to ensure accurate tax claiming. Get in touch for more information.


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