*Adding Assets In FleetAdmin

Assets can be added individually, or uploaded in bulk using our Asset Importer.

Adding Individual Assets

Navigate to FleetAdmin and click Add New Asset:


The following fields are mandatory:

  • Unit ID
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Make
  • Asset Model
  • Asset Description

Once you have entered the fields above, click Save. 

Adding Bulk Assets - Asset Importer

On Add New Asset, scroll down to access the Asset Importer:


Clicking Show Help Tips & Data Checking Tools will list the requirements for each field in the template, and allow you to check for valid asset types, asset makes and models:


  • Click Download Importer Template to download the spreadsheet
  • The fields listed above will be mandatory in the importer template
  • Once you have completed the template, click Save as and ensure you are saving as a .CSV file
  • On the Add New Asset page, drag your CSV file into the upload section or click to select a file to upload:


Next Step - Creating Alerts


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