Timesheet & Dockets Set Up - Video Tutorial

This instructional video will run you through the setup of Timesheets and Dockets within The Fleet Office Suite of programs



Time Stamps

0:07 Introduction  

0:38 Accessing forms through fleet Admin 

0:58 Building forms using a timesheet example and explanation – forms, subforms, projects, units, dropdown 

1:48 Creating or editing an existing timesheet 

1:58 Adding item types through dropdowns 

2:30 Showing preview section  

3:16 ‘Mapped to’ field and information about importing & exporting  

3:53 Calculation of times during day in ‘Mapped to’ fields. 

4:11 Fields 

4:23 Required tickbox  

4:43 Adding a divider (Important for dockets) 

5:22 Filling in timesheet & showing ‘Activity’ button 

6:10 Assigning timesheet to self.  

6:45 Creating timesheet, filling in details on phone  

8:00 Activity button (start and finish times, asset, etc) 

9:56 Timesheets in Fleetcentre (Dashboard) 

10:22 Review (approving timesheet) 

10:58 Setting up in settings (pay period) 

11:31 Exporting timesheet 

12:14  Assigning a Timesheet to users or departments  

13:26 Dockets – Introduction & overview 

14:46 Editing/creating form  

15:00 Location  

15:56 Creating a new docket on phone/tablet 

17:09 Loading & tipping at site  

17:52 Tipping  

18:42 Info about submitting to main portal for admin purposes 

19:15 Setting up dockets in fleet centre 

19:31 Templates setup  

19:50 Docket email  

21:05 PDF templates 

21:29 Reviewing, editing, changing status of dockets 

22:01 Previewing PDF & sending a docket via. Email  

22:30 Exporting dockets  

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