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Newly Released Geofence feature

Dear valued customer,

We are excited to announce the new geofence feature has been added to our newest version of FleetTrack. Check out the step-by-step video below that explains how to create a geofence within FleetTrack.


If you are having problems accessing the video, please follow these steps below:

1). First Navigate to the Geofences section in the FleetAdmin App.

2). In Order to start creating a geofence, click the create new geofence control on the map.

3). Either zoom in on the location that you wish to create the geofence or search for an address using the address search.

3). Next click the draw geofence button to enter draw mode.

4). From here you can either hold the left click on the mouse down and trace the shape of the geofence that you wish to create, or simply click to create points and seal of the geofence by clicking the first point.

5). Once a geofence has been drawn you can freely edit it by selecting it and adjusting the points on the map.

6). If you wish to start over simply select the geofence and press the delete key on the keyboard.

7). Once you are satisfied with the geofence, fill in the mandatory fields (Geofence/Site Name and Geofence Type) and click Save Geofence. The newly created geofence should now show up in the geofence list ready to be edited. 

We will continue to add to the software so if you have any suggestions please notify us. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to chat to the team on 1300 110 248. 
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