FleetStart - How to perform a Desktop Pre Start

A guide on how to perform a pre start on the Fleet Centre. This video runs through asset selection, adding information and attachments, pre start completion and sign off and alerts that can be generated.

For information on Pre Start Settings 

Time Stamps

0:08 Introduction

1:00 Main screen

1:10 Selecting asset type & asset

1:27 Doing a pre start on behalf of a user

1:38 Asset & pre start info

1:54 Adding trailers & attachments

2:09 Click prepare pre start

2:11 Pre start checklist

2:22 Entering signature

2:30 Entering issues in pre start

2:51 Selecting whether issues are listed or unlisted

2:56 Renaming pre start defect

3:07 Entering work order priority

3:14 Entering work required

3:25 Attaching files  

3:50 Submitting and selecting whether or not asset is safe to operate

4:38 Outdated license info alert and conclusion

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