Complete new customer form and direct debit form

Welcome to The Fleet Office.

When you sign up to our service, firstly you will be required to submit information about your company.  Along with this, you will also need to provide details for making payments.  If you click on the New Customer Form and Direct Debit Form below, you are able to type in the fields to help get you started.  Enter in your company details and staff details including nominating which members of your team have full access to The Fleet Office system on the New Customer Form. 

The Direct Debit Form is also required so that monthly payments can be made from your chosen bank account.



Customer Form


Direct Debit Form

What to do with completed forms:

Once both forms have been completed, send them to  Once received, you will be issued new login details enabling you access to Fleet Centre where you can begin setting up your staff and assets.

Next Step - How to access the Fleet Office

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