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Timesheets and Dockets

  • Timesheets and Dockets can be fully customised through an easy to use form builder 

  • Forms for both Timesheets and Dockets can be assigned to users, projects, or departments. 

  • Users can enter both Timesheets and Dockets on the app.

  • Offline capability  

  • Location snapshot can be added to each Timesheet or Docket submission. 

  • Dashboard to review and approve Timesheets and Dockets 

  • Export Timesheets and Dockets in CSV file ready for processing

  • Customise the docket PDF template as well as the email template. 

  • Approved dockets can be emailed out to clients directly. 


Fleet Admin

  • Company details and logo now under Organisation in Fleet Admin.

  • These company details will be used for Dockets and Fleet Hire Contracts and Invoices. 


Fleet Hire

  • New rate units added 

  • Ability to add PO number to contract when signing of

  • Transport has been renamed to 'Other' 

Coming in the next couple of weeks:

  • Dockets to be attached to invoices to make for automatic processing after approval 

  • Allocation of dockets to drivers 


Our suite of applications are designed to help you manage safe and efficient operations. If you are interested in becoming part of our beta program and getting your hands on our new software before its released then give us a call on 1300 110 248 or simply enter your details on our website using the contact us below.

Stay safe and we'll be back with more exciting product development news soon!



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