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When an asset is selected from the list, it will open a new page with the details of the asset.  It is possible to view all assets via list view or drill down via asset type on type view.

  • Go to FleetAdmin
  • Click on assets


  • Click on list view or type view to toggle between preferred 


When in list view, use the arrows next to the heading to expand or contract columns.

Use the search fields to filter to required assets.

Asset Images

Allows you to upload photos of your asset.  You can load up to 6 images.


Asset Details



Unit ID Is a user defined number, it must be unique for each asset
Asset Type Choose from the drop down list.  If not on list please get in touch support@thefleetoffice.com.au & we will add it
Asset Sub-Type Choose from drop down list.  If not on list please get in touch support@thefleetoffice.com.au & we will add it
Status Use these to manage the status of asset
Make Choose from the drop down list.  If not on list please get in touch support@thefleetoffice.com.au & we will add it
Model Choose from drop down list.  It is possible to add these. Click on asset sub-type not shown to add.
Description This will auto populate based on above selections.  This can be edited.
Optional Additional Detail See Additional Details on how to add specific field
No. Wheel Positions Set number of wheel positions for Asset. Links with Tyres & Rims
Current Driver Current driver can be set via the dropdown.  This will also change as Prestarts are completed & if users are signing on via a fob with an IVMS tracker
Allocated Driver Set by the dropdown & only changes manually within FleetAdmin
Division Set asset division here from dropdown list
Licence Type Required Set lowest licence type required to operate Asset. This will link user licence details & prestart licence requirements.
Service Interval Type Choose if service interval for asset is via hours or Kms
Expected Run Hours Enter expected hours & days worked
Estimated Next Service Will use the expected to estimate next service date


The Show on maps button will show the Asset on the map or take it off the map. This is useful if you would like a tracked vehicle to not be displayed in FleetTrack but still record hours/km's.


Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 11.34.35.png

Cross Hire Details

This option will display if you are using the FleetHire module.

FleetHire - Cross Hire - Please view article for full functionality

Trip Logging

Assets with TFO Trackers can detect trips & allows your Users to give each trip a purpose via the TFO App.

FleetAdmin - Trip Logging - Please view article for full functionality

Warranty Information

Add Asset warranty information, this information will be displayed in FleetMaint Work Orders while Warranty is active.

  • Select from calendar or key in date
  • Enter in any Notes
  • Save Changes

Asset Warranty Information will display within FleetMaint - Work Orders

Deactivate Assets 

On the bottom of the page you have access to deactivate your Assets. This will soft delete the Asset and move it into the Asset dashboards Deactivated tab. You can restore Asset from there if required.


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