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Prestarts are completed via the TFO App by your users.

Watch this 2 minute Prestart Video on how Prestarts are completed. 


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Use FleetMaint Prestart settings to add Prestart items to each asset type and apply TFO App settings to suit your company requirements.  Copy Prestart item lists to other asset types.

  • From the dashboard click on settings 


  • Click on Prestart settings


Asset Type - Adding Prestart items to Asset Types



The asset type - Prestart item status shows you if a company defined Prestart checklist has been added for an asset type or if your company is using the default Prestart template for the asset type.

Uploading Prestart Items via csv

  • Download the Prestart template csv
  • Enter your Prestart items into csv
  • Save document
  • Select the required asset type 
  • Choose the saved doc from files
  • Upload
  • Prestart items will now be displayed

Adding, Deleting & Editing Prestart Items

Click on the dropdown to move between asset type item lists


It is possible to add, delete & edit Prestart items, customising each Prestart depending on the asset type requirements.  


  • Clicking on edit allows you to request further information from the Prestart user
  • Date - User will select a date 
  • Number - User will only be able to enter a number
  • Test - User will be able to add both number & letters
  • Save changes

Copy Items to another Asset Type

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Prestart item list
  • Click on copy items to another asset type
  • Choose asset type from dropdown list
  • Click on replace existing items 
  • Copy


Mass-assign or add single Prestart items to Asset Types

This is useful if you need to add one item to multiple assets
  • Click on new Prestart items


  • Type item
  • Select asset type to assign - Can be more than one
  • Add more items if required


Prestart App Settings


Select the specific settings for the App in the bottom right of the page. The checkboxes will affect what information is required when performing a Prestart. Hover over the eye for a description on each setting:

Require cost codes on all prestarts - It will be mandatory for users  to enter cost codes on Prestarts

Restrict asset list for managers - Will restrict list of assets seen by mangers set up in Projects & Divisions.

Enforce licence requirements on all Assets - When an asset requires a specific level of licence to operate FleetAdmin-Asset Details, the Prestart User must have the required level of licence to be able to complete. FleetAdmin-User Details. If levels do not match, a red banner message explaining to contact their supervisor will appear. 

Mandatory Asset HRs and KMS - User will be required to enter hours and kilometres of asset

Please Note: Users will also need to have update asset Hrs/Kms ticked in User Access Control

Add default Prestart settings - Prestart will be set with all options pre-populated with the label “OK” checked. These can be overridden during Prestart.  If this setting is not selected, each option for a Prestart will require manual input from the User.

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