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Work Orders can be generated several different ways.  From Auto Service Schedules, via an issue identified during a Prestart, by a date driven Notification, from a On & Off Hire Report, and from Asset View.


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The Fleet Office are doing a soft rollout of our new Work Order page!


  • Click on here to work in the new page!

Please Note:  The original version of the page will be turned off in the near future.

Work Order Action Button

Click on the Action Button

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 2.16.08 pm.png Action Button - Click to expand or decrease options
Screen Delete - Click to Delete Work Order - Deleted Work orders will appear in Asset View
Screen Select a Template from the dropdown to download / printWork Order
Screen Select a Template from the dropdown to email Work Order
Screen Split Work Order Items - See detailed explanation below

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Close All Work Order Items - See detailed explanation below

Screen Add Work Item
Screen Save Work Order


Work Order

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If there are other open Work Orders for the Asset, they will display in red on the top of the page.

  • Click on View Summary

  • Click on Work Order line to go to that Work Order


If Warranty information has been set in FleetAdmin - Asset Details, it will display on the top of the Work Order in teal.

  • Click on View Notes to see full detail

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General Details:

Created At: Gives Date & Time of creation
Created By: Name of User created, if a auto service this will display as System
Status: Current Status
Type: Where this Work Order originated
Parent: Will display Parent Asset number if it is a linked Asset
Meters At Open: Will display the Meters & Hours of the Asset when the Work Order was opened.  These will not change
Location at Open: If a TFO tracker Asset, will display the location of Asset when Work Order was opened
Estimated Cost: Total of Cost estimates entered within each Work Item.  This will display totals for each Asset in FleetAdmin Costs


VIN/Rego: Display information from FleetAdmin- Asset Details
Current Hours: Display Assets current Hours
Current Kms: Display Assets current Kms


Images will appear here from Prestart or On/Off Hire Work Orders.

It is possible to add up to 6 images to each Work Order.

  • Drag and drop or Click to select


Work Order Details:

Job Description Will autogenerate with Work Order - This can be edited 
Job Priority Use these to filter & schedule Work Orders - See Statistics 
Root Cause Use these to filter & report on Work Orders - See Statistics
Notes Use notes for any additional information
Est Arrival Date Estimated Date the Asset will arrive for Work Order
Scheduled Start Time  This is one of the places you can schedule the Work Order, once saved, these will appear in the Work Order Scheduler
Est Time Enter number of hours for Work Order to be completed - The estimated time will flow through into the Work Order Scheduler
Delays Click on Edit to add Delay reason.  It is possible to add more than one.
Est Finish Time This will auto-populate based on entered information  
Fitters Assign up to 4 fitters to each Work Order - See FleetAdmin-Users for how to add Fitters to the list
Act Arrival Time Enter time asset actually arrived
Actual Start Time Add actual start time
Act Time Enter actual time taken in hours
Delays Click on Edit to add Delay reason.  It is possible to add more than one.
Act Finish Time This will auto-populate based on entered information 


Work Order Items:

Work Order Items are added in via Auto service schedule, Prestart issues or Notifications .

  • Click on Add Item to add Work Order Item to add manually

Work Item Summary

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 9.20.27 am.png


No Displays the number of the Work Item
Work Needed Description of Work Required
Work Performed Displays works completed
Assigned Parts List out Part required for Work Item
Status Status of each Work Item

Edit Work Item

  • Click on the required Work Item

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.25.28 am.png

Work Needed Click in field to edit
Work Performed

Enter work performed.If using a a tablet you can use voice to text to enter this information

Hazards Create Hazard list in FleetMaint Settings
Cost Code Create Cost Codes in FleetAdmin Organisation
Closed Date Individualise Close date for each Work Item
Part Required Parts created in FleetParts will list as per Auto Service Schedule or select from dropdown 
Est Cost Enter cost of Work Item - Totals for Work Order will display in Estimated Cost in General Details of the Work Order
Time on Job Enter time in hours
Status Individualise status for each Work Item
File Drag & drop or click to select to add photos or files

Work Order Split Mode

Split out Work Items within a Work Order, if you are waiting on parts for example.  Allowing you to close the original Work Order, leaving just the remaining items to complete.

  • Click on 'Enable Work Order Split Mode' Top Left of Work Order Items

All Work Items will display


  • Tick on Work Items to be split into a new Work Order
  • Click on Generate Work Order to create new

Close Work Orders

  • In the work order Item, select the status drop down to closed. This can also be updated as the item is in progress to other status' such as Parts Ordered. 
  • Enter 'Closed Date' Date and select save. 
Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.27.03 am.png


Please Note: All Work Orders except Work Orders with Routine Services priority will require text in each Work Item, Works Performed, before closing.

Work Order - Audit Trail

The Audit Trail allows you to see changes that have been made to the Work Order and by which User.

Next Step - FleetMaint - Asset View

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