FleetMaint - Work Orders

Work Orders can be generated several different ways.  From Auto Service Schedules, via an issue identified during a Prestart, by a date driven Notification and from Asset View.

A work order contains information about items that are required to be completed on the Asset as well as information regarding staff assignments, estimated work duration, and scheduled date.

  • Click to open Work Order


The Work Order will display User Details & current Asset Details & Meters.  If any photos have been added via a Prestart they will appear here.  Clicking on the arrow within the image allows for an Image or PDF to be attached. 

If there are other open Work Orders assigned to the Asset, they will be highlighted in red.

Work Order Details

Job Description - Will autogenerate with Work Order - This can be edited 

Job Priority - Use these to filter & schedule Work Orders - See Statistics 

Root Cause - Use these to filter & report on Work Orders - See Statistics

Scheduled Start Date & Time - This is one place you can schedule the Work Order, once saved, these will appear in the Work Order Scheduler

Fitters - Assign up to 4 fitters to each Work Order - See FleetAdmin-Users for how to add Fitters to the list

Estimated Cost - Amounts entered in Work Order Items Estimate will collate here

Estimated Duration - Enter amount of time for Work Order to be completed - The estimated time will flow through into the Work Order Scheduler

Actual Duration - Time entered into Work Order Items will collate here

Notes -  Use notes for any additional information 

  • Ensure you save any changes
  • Use the dropdown to Email Work Order directly

Work Order Items

  • These are the Items added in via Auto service schedule, Prestart issues or Notifications
  • Click to enter


Work Performed - Enter work performed - Hint: If using a a tablet you can use voice to text to enter this information

Use drop downs to enter information.  Attach file to store warranty or invoice details if required

  • Save changes

Enable Work Order Split Mode

it is possible to split out individual items of a Work Order if they are not yet completed, if you are waiting on parts for example.  Allowing you to close the existing larger Work Order.


  • Slide Enable Work Order Split Mode
  • Click on the outstanding items
  • Click on Generate Work Order
  • This will create a Work Order for these items allowing you to close original Work Order

Close Work Orders

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Work Order
  • Change date 
  • Click on Close all Work Items


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