Alert Types

Alerts are an important component of The Fleet Office System that will let you know instances where certain conditions are occurring. Below are summary explanations of the most commonly used alerts. 

All alerts can be filtered by asset, division, or geofence. If you need assistance selecting certain alerts, make sure to call us and we can help you.

Driving Behaviour


This alert will notify you when someone is potentially driving erratically. It will report Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh turning Speeding alerts have tolerances that can be set. For example, a + or - 10 kms threshold can be set, or you can make it an absolute value instead.


Excessive Idle

There are 2 types of battery alerts. One for 50% battery left and one for 25% life left. These are used on our battery trackers to alert you to a battery that may need changing A modifiable threshold can be set for this alert to monitor plant equipment running without operating. Useful to manage engine hours and servicing

Distance From Ignition Off

Not Reported in Last 48 Hours

This alert will notify you if the tracker detects it has moved a certain distance, which you set, away from where it received its last ignition off code.   Our trackers have a 24 hour heartbeat that checks in to the system so that you can be sure they are working. This will alert you if no data or check in has occurred for 48 hours

Vehicle Running without Pre start

Out of hours Operation

Links with our FleetMaint Program. Will notify you if a vehicle has run for 30 mins or more and no pre start has been completed for it.  Times can be set by you for your hours of operation. If the machine operates outside of these hours, you will be notified.


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