Asset - Tracking Details & Linking Assets

Tracking details will display the tracking information for the Asset.  Use Tracking Details as your first point of trouble shooting if you do not have a visual on FleetTrack2. 

Tracked Assets

If it is a tracked Asset, you will see the tracker number, installed date, the current hours, odometer and location.



Last 60 Track Records

This will show the last 60 packets of data that has been received from the Tracker.  This data includes the time, latitude and longitude, satellite connection, speed & event codes.  Click on Show Track Record Event Codes at the top of the screen to explain common event codes & meanings.

External Trackers

Assets with External trackers linked will display as below:


External tracking data is limited to one packet of data approximately every hour.  Only collecting last known location, cumulative operating & non operating hours & cumulative distance travelled.

Untracked Assets

If the Asset is Untracked, the page will display current hours & Kms.  It is possible to update Meters manually.


  • Click on Update Meters


  • Update Hours & Kms
  • Drag the pin to Assets current location
  • Click on Update Meters

Linking Assets

It is possible to link Assets. For example this may be used to link a Truck & Trailer or an Excavator & Bucket 

  • Go to the Asset you want to link
  • If it is an Asset that you want to track Hours or Kms, Update meters as above with its current 
  • Click Link to Asset


  • From the dropdown, choose the Parent Asset you want to link to.  For example an Excavator would be the Parent Asset to the Bucket
  • Click Submit


Linked Assets will accumulate hours from their parent nightly.  Accumulated hours will display from the linked date.

  • Click on Unlink Asset to remove link

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