FleetMaint - Prestart Summary

Prestarts are completed via The Fleet Office App

The Prestarts summary page will show you a colour coded list of your assets and if/when a Prestart has been completed. Filters can be used to narrow down your Asset list.  Use the Calendar to view previous days.

  • Go to FleetMaint
  • Click on Prestarts Today


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Prestart Summary Filters

It is possible to filter the summary

  • Select the required date
  • Choose Fleet Type
  • Search via Asset ID


The list will show the Operator name, time ignition on was received and how long the asset has been running. 

Submitted is the time the Operator completed the Asset via the App

(Processed) is the time the System received the Prestart - This may differ in low mobile service areas.  See Completing a Prestart - Without Mobile Service 

Asset Timezone - Asset Timezone is determined by location of tracked Asset or location of the device on an untracked Asset

Please Note: Prestarts completed on untracked Assets, if the Devices does not have location services enabled, the location will default to Uluru NT. 

Non-Compliant Prestarts

Red - The Asset has had ignition on & running for over 30 minutes and the Prestart has not been completed.

Orange - Ignition has been on for under 30 minutes, without a Prestart completed


Compliant Prestarts

Green - Ignition received and pre start completed within the 30 min allocated time frame.

Prestarts completed for untracked Assets will also appear here



White - No ignition has been received for this asset therefore no Prestart is required

Untracked Assets without a Prestart completed will appear here


Exports Alerts & Reports

The pre start lists can be exported to CSV 

It is possible to create Alerts to notify required people when prestarts are non-compliant

various reports are available to be created on prestarts. 

Next Step - FleetMaint - Maintenance Statistics

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