Completing a Prestart - Without Mobile Service

Completing a Prestart when you are not in mobile service is easy! 

There are just a few extra steps required.

The Fleet Office App supports Android devices 7.1 and above.  Apple device IOS 9.0 and above. Any phone or tablet operating systems below these can not supported by our software.

Step 1 - Before Leaving Mobile Service

  • While you are still in Mobile Service area, click on Prestarts in The Fleet Office App
  • This will load all Assets & Prestart checklists as local information onto your device
  • Complete Risk Assessments & sign any documents linked to Assets to be operated while in mobile service.  The links to the Risk Assessments & documents will not be available when not in service.

Step 2 - Travel to the no mobile service area

Step 3 - Complete Prestart 

  • Complete the Prestart without mobile service
  • Here is a 2 minute Prestart - Video Tutorial 
  • The Prestart will save locally on your phone and upload automatically when you return to mobile service

If in Low Service area where reception comes in and out, complete above steps, then put your phone into Flight Mode. Complete Prestart, and then turn off Flight Mode.  This will enable the Prestart to upload all data at once when reception is strong.

Check if Prestart Completed

You can check if your Prestart has been completed for the day.  Select the Asset then look for the Last (Offline) Prestart on: Date

When Prestarts have been uploaded the Last (Online) Prestart on: Date will update.


Keep TFO App Open

The best practise would be to keep the TFO App open in the background of your device.  This will ensure that the Prestart has had time to save all information & photos to your device.

Stay Logged In

Be careful of logging out of App while you have Prestarts saved locally on your phone

You will receive the below message if you have unsent / locally saved prestarts not yet uploaded to the system

If you log out, you will loose all locally saved data and any completed Prestarts not yet uploaded



Please note: The system will show the time you physically completed & submitted the Prestart.  It will also show the time you returned to mobile service & the Prestart is uploaded.



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