User Template - Timesheets


User templates can be a great tool to help you roll out The Fleet Office to the required users. 

These templates will give your user the information required to download The Fleet Office App & the links to view the related help centre articles. 


Copy the template below, paste into an email, change the bold information and email to your user.


Hi User,            


Please find below your Fleet Office log in details:

Login:                  User Email

  1. Download The Fleet Office App from your app store - How to Install The Fleet Office App
  2. Log in using details above
  3. Reset password if required - How to Reset Password
  4. Watch the 2 minute video 

    How to Complete a Timesheet - Video Tutorial


    Alternatively read the article on -

    How to Complete a Timesheet


    Start completing timesheets via The Fleet Office App!


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