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Creating Forms in FleetAdmin allows the capture of specific information from Users via the TFO App. Ensuring a totally paperless form system. Forms can then be viewed, edited & processed in the relevant module.

Form Modules are:


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Creating a Form

  • Navigate to Fleet Admin Form
  • Add Form
  • Select Form Type from drop down
  • Name Form
  • Notes can be used for any additional information required
  • Insert Template will load a default Form as a helpful starting point


Form Contents

  • Click on +Add to create a new form line
Line Item Descriptions:
Type See below table for detailed explanation on each Type
Label Gives a heading to the information required. Each Label will create a new column in the CSV export
Help Text Gives a hint to the User for the information required 
Required Decide if the information is essential or optional for the Form.  If required is ticked, the User will not be able to submit Form without information
Show Additional Settings The options in Additional Settings will change depending on the Type of data you have selected.  See table below for a detailed explanation


Types & Additional Setting Detail


Additional Settings 

Add Sub Form Button - Allows for multiple entries of the one type of information. A button will display on Form with the User pushing as many times as required to enter information

See Subform article

    Sub-Form - Link required Sub-Form


Checkbox - Creates a checkbox for User to select  
Date & Time Select - User will select Date & Time  
Date Range - User will select a date range Role - Date Range
Date Select - User will select a date Role - Will Map the date for Timesheet
Divider - Used to format Form  
Dropdown Select - Choose from system generated data or create your own (Custom Forms)

Data Source - Select relevant option

See HC for how to use Dropdown Filter

Role - Email Dockets directly to Project Docket Recipient

File Upload - User can add Photo or file  
Instructions - Give Users instructions on the form that will not appear on the PDF  
Location - Will add location of Users device when form submitted See below for how to update locations
Multiple Choice - User will choose from Custom Forms options

Data Source - Select from Custom List

Role - Email - User can select address to send email directly from TFO App

New Line - Used to format form  
Number Input - User can add numbers only to form

Role - Map Break Time - Total Hours - Total time or Worked Hours

Timesheets & Dockets - Sub Forms and Calculations 

Fields in Forms can be assigned Roles that allow information to be mapped & calculated. For example, mapping the Start Time, End Time, and Break will allow the system to automatically calculate the Total Time worked

Signature - User or client can Sign the form  
Static Text - Add un editable text that will appear on each Form & PDF  
Sub Form - Will display all line items in a Subform on the original Form Sub-Form - Will link required Sub-Form
Time Select - User will select Times Role - Will map Start or End Times for Timesheets
Text Input - Allows user to enter both numbers & letters in form

Autofill Values - work by linking a Dropdown Select line type selected within the form to relevant Data Sources, autofilling data in the App from data stored within the system.


Autofill Values

  • Create the Dropdown Select line & choose the data source required
  • Create a Text Input Line
  • From Additional Settings select the required data source.  Only Data sources that have a dropdown select in this Form will be displayed. 



  • Then choose the required Property
  • This is the data that will Autofill & display in the App



Update Locations

If a form has a Location type included, it is possible to update this location from the TFO App.

This will allow for a Start Location & Finish Location to be recorded.  Add in the required amount of locations to Form.  See TFO App on how Users can update locations

Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 13.07.44.png



Formatting Forms

Once you have created your required fields, you can use the Preview page to format the form for ease of use.

  • Scroll down to Preview
  • This gives you the option of viewing in Mobile, Tablet & Desktop modes
  • Return to Form Content
  • Create a New Line - Select New Line from Type Dropdown.  Creating a line space between text fields. Most relevant for Tablet & Desktop views.
  • Create a Divider - Select Divider from the Type dropdown. Creating a visual line between fields. 


Subforms - Multiple Entries

It is possible to add multiple fields within each Form - For example when 4 assets are worked on within one timesheet entry - See Fleet Admin - Sub Forms and Calculations for more information


Create Custom Form Options

There are two ways to create Custom Form Options, from the main Forms page & from within the Data Source Additional Setting when building Forms.

Create from Forms 

  • Go to Forms
  • Click on Custom Form Options


  • Name List
  • Click on +Add to create Options
  • Save Form
  • Custom forms will display as (custom) in Data Source


Create from Data Source when building Form

  • Go to Additional Settings on the Form Line Item
  • Click on the Data Source Dropdown - Select Data Source
  • Scroll to the bottom & select +New Custom Options List

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.25.07.png

  • Create Custom Option List as above
  • Save
Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.29.37.png


Save Forms

Once you have the formatting & required information correct

  • Click on save form


Assign Forms to Users

Assign forms via Users, Projects & Departments alleviating unnecessary forms for individual users. This would be best used directly after creating a form.  Only Users with a Form assigned will see it on their App.
  • Click on Assign
  • Assign via Users 


Assign via User Management

Read the FleetAdmin - User Details article on how to Assign Forms - Best used directly after Adding a User


Copy Forms

Copy forms and make changes to the duplicate.

  • Go to Form
  • Scroll to bottom & click on Copy Form

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 12.04.35.png

  • Copied Form will come into the Forms List (Copy)

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 12.06.12.png

  • Rename Form & customise to suit
  • Save From


Next Step - FleetAdmin - Sub Forms & Calculations

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