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Use notifications to create calendar based notifications for a specific Asset.  Choose its frequency and who will receive the notification.  Notifications can also autogenerate a Work Order in FleetMaint on its due date. 



  • Go to FleetAdmin
  • Assets
  • Select required asset
  • Click on the notification tab




Name Name the notification
Frequency Set how frequently you require the notification to occur. 
Recipients Choose from the dropdown the users to receive notifications
Due Date Set the due date of the notification


Reminder Email

Use the drop down to select the required number of days or weeks before the due date of notification to receive email notification
  • Click the 'add notification' button when you have filled in the relevant fields

Once the notification is added, it will appear in the list.  There will then be additional options you can apply.

Extra Fields You can add extra fields to the notification if you require some more information to be included.


Recipients See who the recipients currently are and add more in required. You can also select whether or not to send the notification to the assets assigned driver.


Work Order Clicking the checkbox "This Notification will create a Work Order" will allow you to use this notification to generate a Work Order in FleetMaint. Set 'Work Order Priority' from drop down. It will also allow you the option to add work order items. Continue clicking add item until you have built the required Work Order. 


Docs You can select a document that is attached to the asset and display it with a notification.  You can also choose to attach document to a Work Order.


Copy Allows you to copy a notification and apply it to another asset to save you from creating it multiple times


Delete Click this to delete the notification.


Edit Edit will allow you to change details of the notifications behaviour as well as trigger the notification early if required. 




See below example of email notification that has a Work Order option added.


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