Organisation - Setting up a Division

Divisions can be used to help align your fleet and separate visibility amongst your staff & provide Alert & Report options.  Examples could include arranging your fleet by state Divisions or costs codes.

Open Fleet Admin and select organisation from the menu. Select the divisions tab at the top of the page.

On this page, you can edit existing Divisions by clicking on them or select add a Division. If you select to add a Division, you will be prompted to enter a name for the Division.




Once you have saved the new Division, you can click on it to start entering information.

You can select the timezone and reporting day start times.

Select users from the system and assign them roles for visibility of the division.  Use User Access Control to give the Users Divisional Manager access

You can allocate one manager that can see everything in the division, two staff that will see tracking and receive Alerts, two staff that will see tracking and receive Reports set for that Division.

If you click the: Automatically reassign assets from this division when entering a geofence linked to a different Division option, once assets are detected moving into a Geofence via a Tracker they will automatically be added into Division. 

You can then click on save all.


Division Assets is how you can manually assign assets to Divisions 

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