External Tracker Support

The Fleet Office can import data from external tracking providers. Currently, we can import from the following OEM’s:


As of July 2022 there will be a $6 per month, per external tracker imported from external providers.

  • Komatsu
  • Caterpillar
  • Hitachi
  • ConnectFleet
  • Baseplan
  • VisionLink
  • Navman

Please note: It is not possible to import selected Assets.  All Assets for that OEM will need to imported in bulk.

Approximately every hour we request a tracking summary from the external tracking provider. (Only if there is no additional data from the external tracking provider.) The summary contains the following information:

  1. Last known location (lat/lng)
  2. Cumulative operating hours
  3. Cumulative non-operating hours
  4. Cumulative distance travelled
This information is put into our system as if it was tracking data from our trackers. This will make your assets visible from FleetTrack2, and available in reports. 
Please Note: Detailed tracking data such as ignition, inputs, etc. cannot be collected from external tracking providers. This information will display as default/empty values in Fleet Centre.

Information Required to Set Up External Tracker

To allow The Fleet Office access, please send the following information for each OEM to support@thefleetoffice.com.au

  • Your Company Name
  • API access - Username & password. You may need to apply to OEM for this
  • Ensure the External Equipment / Asset ID matches the Asset FleetAdmin ID 

Please Note: If the Fleet ID of the External provider & FleetAdmin do not match, a duplicate Asset with the external Fleet ID will be created.


Next Steps - Fleet Centre - System Overview


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