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A Sub Form is a form inside of a form. Think of Sub Forms as being able to replace blank lines of a paper form where one or multiple lines can be entered. Instead of adding multiple fields to a Form and having the potential for blank space, we can create a Sub Form and include an Add Subform button to the main form. Users can Click on the button once or as many times as they require.

Creating Sub Forms

  • In FleetAdmin go to Forms
  • Click on Add Form
  • Select Type: Form Section (Sub-form)
  • Name Subform
  • Hint - Add name of original Forms it is used in notes for ease of reference
  • Add the line Items required in your Subform
  • See FleetAdmin Forms for how to create
  • Click Save


Adding Sub Form to Main Form

  • Go to Forms in FleetAdmin
  • Select the original main Form
  • Add a new line & select Add Sub Form Button as a Type
  • Once the Sub Form field is added, link the created Sub Form from the dropdown in Additional Settings

It is possible to add the one Subform to multiple original Forms

Form Calculations - Roles

Fields in Forms can be assigned Roles that allow information to be mapped & calculated. For example, mapping the Start Time, End Time and Break Times will allow the system to automatically calculate the Total Time worked.  
  • Go to created Form
  • On the line Item click on Show Additional Settings
  • Select the required Role

The Role will vary depending on what Type is selected:

Type Role Name Role Calculations
Date Range Date Range Determines the Date Range 
Number Input Break Time Minutes that will not count towards total hours
  Total Hours Total of entered hours worked
  Total Time The total time calculation will be displayed in this field
  Worked Hours Hours that will count towards total hours works
Time Select End Time Determines the end time
  Start Time Determines the start time

See below example of mapping total time worked, including Travel time:



Sub Form Calculations

Fields in Sub Forms can also be mapped & calculated.  Adding in a Total Time in the Subform will calculate each entry.  Adding a Total time in the original Form will calculate the Total Time field within each Sub Form and produce a grand total.
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