FleetAdmin - Report Types

Generate reports specific to your fleet monitoring, individualised information and accurate reporting to assist in adhering to site safety and compliance.


Alerts Sent Out:

Daily Start and End Times:

This report displays what assets are sending alerts and what type of alerts are being sent. This report can be generated for single assets or multiple assets at one time. Alerts will need to be setup for this report.

This report indicates the start and end time for assets, this report again can be generated for single assets or multiple assets providing valuable insight into the daily, weekly or monthly operations of your fleet.

Drivers Licenses Expiry:

Worksite Entry and Exit:

This report allows you to monitor license expiry across team members in your fleet, maintaining industry compliance you can generate a report to forecast future expiration and ensure all licenses are valid at all times.

This report indicates what assets are entering each job site and time of entry and exit. Can be generated for single vehicles or all vehicles across multiple sites. Offering insights into exactly how many assets are operational on a specific site.



Repairs Needed Summary:

Excess Time On Worksite:

Managing asset maintenance made easy with this Repairs Needed Summary extract in depth information about all assets requiring repairs or up coming servicing. This report allows you to extract information on assets that have spent excess time on a job site, this information can be extracted about single assets or all assets across all sites.

Pre Start Summary:

This report displays which vehicles have had pre-start’s conducted and lists whether or not any issues were identified with pre-start

 Asset Information

GPS Position History Extended:

Plant Daily Hours:

This report generates in depth information about asset location, tracker status, as well as information regarding satellite connection strength. Lat and Long are also listed in this report with time stamps. Daily engine hours for a single asset or across your entire fleet, this report can be generated for single assets as well as multiple assets. Single entries per day per asset if report generated for longer period of time

Usage Summary:

Point To Point:

This report displays usage for a single asset or across multiple assets, running time, working time, idle time, the amount of trips the asset has done and the distance traveled. The report also shows last location for the day. The Point to Point report allows you to extract information on a specific assets movement, providing in depth and accurate GPS tracking, see exactly where the asset has been traveling with timestamp and speed records.



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