User Access Control - User permissions*

The User Access Control page is where you can set the roles and permissions for your Users. You will have a list of your Users showing their roles and a list of your subscribed programs that you can allocate to your team members. The video below will show you the steps on how use this function.

Picking the correct System Role is how you set visibility for your staff. This is explained in the video below as well. A summary of the current available roles are:

No Web Access: Mobile app view only. 

Project Manager: View assets in geofences/worksites built by you only.

Division manager: View assets assigned to their division only.

Senior Manager: Full access.


Time Stamps

0:08 Introduction

0:35 Click FleetAdmin

0:42 Users tab

0:52 User access control

1:38 System role importance

2:07 Assigning access to a role.




Next Steps - Add Your Assets


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