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Divisions can be created to filter your fleet and separate visibility amongst your staff.  They also allow you create Alert & Reports just on these assets.  Division options are endless & can be created to suit your business needs.  Create them for business units, geographical locations or per project to name just a few.  Assets can be manually added to Divisions or if it is a TFO tracked asset they can be automatically allocated using Geofences.


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Creating a Division

  • Go to FleetAdmin
  • Organisation
  • Click on Division tab


  • Click on + Add Division
  • Name the Division & Click on Save New



Set Division Time Zone 

  • Select the Division
  • Time zone can be set for this Division, use the dropdown to select

Add Users to a Division

  • Select a User from the dropdown list
  • Select a Division role to assign to user
  • Click on Add

If these Users have been given the system role of Divisional Manager, this will limit their visibility in FleetTrack to only see assets added to this Division.  Users can be added to more than one Division

Use User Access Control to give the Users Divisional Manager access.

Add Assets to a Division


Assets can be added manually

  • Select Asset from your list 
  • Click on Add

TFO tracked Assets can be automatically reassign to Divisions.

  • Click on Automatically reassign assets from this Division when entering a geofence linked to a different Division? 
  • The Geofence must be linked to the Division
  • Once assets are detected moving into a Geofence via a tracker they will automatically be added into the Division. 

Add Assets to a Division - Via Asset Details

  • Go to FleetAdmin - Assets
  • Select Asset
  • Choose Division from dropdown options

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