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Please Note:  This feature is a BETA release - Please report any issues to support@thefleetoffice.com.au 


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Linking your Tyres & Rims to a parent Asset allows the tracking of life expectancy & tread conditions.  It is possible to manually update Tread & Pressure measurements for each Tyre & Rim to keep your Fleet as up to date as possible.

Set Wheel Positions

  • Go to Fleet Admin
  • Find Parent Asset you want to link the Tyres & Rims to
  • Go to Asset Details
  • Enter No of Wheel Positions required


Import Tyres & Rims

  • From FleetAdmin click on Tyres & Rims
  • Download Import Template CSV


  • Enter Information into csv
  • Please note each Tyre & Rim requires an individual Unit ID
  • As per Example below


  • Drag or Click to select CSV into Asset Importer


Once Asset Information is loaded

  • Link Tyre or Rim to Asset from dropdown
  • Add its current estimated hour life
  • Choose its position on Asset
  • Enter current Tread life in mm
  • Enter current Pressure
  • Choose from dropdown to measure in psi or kPa
  • Save Progress or Submit Changes
  • Go to Asset List
  • Click on Updated Data Available


Assets will now display on Asset List

Edit / Unlink Tyres & Rims - FleetAdmin

  • From FleetAdmin go to Assets
  • Select the Parent Asset you have linked the Tyres & Rims 


  • Click on Tyres & Rims
  • Click on Edit 
  • Click on Remove/Unlink to unlink Tyre or Rim


Update Tread & Pressure - FleetAdmin

  • Enter updated current Tread & Pressure readings
  • Click save
  • This action will need to be completed for each Tyre & Rim 

Update Tyres & Rims - FleetMaint

To update see FleetMaint - Tyres & Rims Inspections



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