FleetIntelligence - Fuel Burn Analysis


Fuel Burn Analysis gives you an insight to the Fuel Burning across your fleet.  It uses the Utilisation / Efficiency feature to assess assets. The data is compared against the industry (The Fleet Office database)  to give you an indication of how your fleet is performing against other assets in the industry, and give you a dollar value on what you could be saving.  

Fuel Burn Analysis Filters

Use the filters to display the required fleet information.  Filter via Assets, Asset Type, Divisions & dates.

  • Go to Fleet Intelligence
  • Fuel Burn Analysis
  • Use drop downs to select Filter perimeters


Hint: Clicking on the Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_2.00.17_pm.png button will give you a detailed overview of Fuel Burn

Set Fuel Cost

  • Enter current fuel price
  • Click on update to reset calculations

Asset Efficiency

The Fuel Burn Efficiency gauge shows your assets efficiency against other assets of the same Asset Type in the industry (TFO Database). Assets being used more efficiently will be shown higher on the gauge, whereas if they are shown lower on the gauge they are not performing as efficiently as they could be.  

Fuel Wastage Gauge

Below each gauge shows your company Fuel Wastage Cost.  You then see a comparison to the best, average, and worst competitors in the industry.  
Fuel Wastage Cost How much money is estimated to be wasted from assets idling
Against the best in industry, you could be saving This compares your fuel wastage cost against the best in the TFO database
Against the average in the industry you could be saving:  This shows how much you are saving based on the average savings TFO wide. 
Against the worst in industry, you are saving This compares your fuel wastage cost against the worst in the TFO database 

Fleet Efficiency - Entire Fleet

This gauge shows the Efficiency & potential saving for your entire fleet

Fleet Efficient - Asset Type

See Assets via Type.  Click on see Assets to see individual Assets within your fleet.
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