FleetIntelligence - Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour in FleetIntelligence gives you a snapshot of your drivers rankings.  View your users ratings based on distance travelled vs number of events recorded.  Events include; speeding, harsh acceleration, accidents & no seatbelt.

Users need to be the current driver on a tracked Asset to begin to accumulate rankings.

Adding Driver to an Asset

Via Prestart:

When a user completes a Prestart on an Asset,  the user is automatically added to the Asset as the current driver.  This user will stay as current driver until another Prestart is completed on the Asset by another User.

Via FleetAdmin:

Use FleetAdmin Asset Details to manually add in or change the current driver.

Via IButton - Fob:

Used with our IVMS trackers, when a user swipes the fob they will automatically become the current driver.


Driver Behaviour Filters

Use the filters to display the required fleet information.  Filter via assets, asset type, divisions & dates.

  • Go to Fleet Intelligence
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Use drop downs to select filter perimeters


Driver Ranking

Drivers score are calculated in the following way:

250 events and over per 1000kms would be a score of 0. 

0 events per 1000km would be a score of 100. 

Receiving 125 events per 1000kms would be considered average.

Driver star ratings are calculated in the following way:


Drivers Score Stars
97.5 or above 5 Stars *****
84 to 97.4 4 Stars ****
16 to 83 3 Stars ***
2.4 to 15 2 Stars **
0 to 2.3 1 Star * 


It is possible to download all information via csv & pdf. 


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