FleetIntelligence - Utilisation / Efficiency

The Utilisation/Efficiency will display your assets idle time vs work time. The system will calculate each assets utilisation & efficiency. This will enable you to identify issues in the way your assets are operated.


Utilisation / Efficiency 

Work time Is displayed as the green sections on the graph. This is the actual working time for the asset
Idle time Is displayed as the orange sections on the graph. This is the idling times for the asset. No movement but ignition on.
Run time Is the total work time + idle time
Utilisation Is calculated by the total run time divided by expected run time. Expected run time is set in Asset Details in FleetAdmin
Efficiency Is calculated by taking the work time and dividing it by the total run time. Then multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.


Filter Assets

Apply filters to reduce the amount of data displayed on this page. Search for an individual asset, Type or Subtype or Division.

Use the predefined time periods or enter a specified date range.



The search results can be exported in CSV or PDF reports.  Simply click on the relevant button.

Asset Display

Hover over the graph to see the breakdown of each Asset.




Click on the bar graph of an Asset, a new page will open that shows day by day detail for the filtered period of time.


All Assets based on the filters are listed at the bottom of the page with idle time, work time, utilisation and efficiency break downs.


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