How to Assign an IVMS iButton / Fob to staff


This guide will show you how to add an iButton to a User for use with our IVMS trackers. This allows you to keep track of who signs onto and operates an Asset.

  • From FleetAdmin
  • Go to Users
  • Select required User

Allocate iButton to new User


  • Click on Allocate IButton
  • Select the number on the IButton from dropdown - This number can be found in the middle of the silver magnet
  • It is possible to type search for IButton
  • Or add New IButton ID - Enter characters after 0000 only.
  • Click Save


Reallocate IButton to a User

  • Ensure you have Unallocated IButton from original User
  • Screen_Shot_2022-02-21_at_12.52.28_pm.png
  • Click on Unallocate IButton
  • Save
  • Follow Allocate steps above to reallocate to new User

Once a Users swipes IButton onto the IVMS they will appear as the Current Driver in FleetAdmin





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