Common Event Codes

This guide will show you how to see the event codes the trackers send to Fleet Centre and some basic trouble shooting using the codes.

  1. Log into Fleet Centre and click on Fleet Admin

  2. Once the next page opens, it should load you into your assets list. If you need to select the assets list, you can pick this in your menu to the left of your screen

  3. There are 2 asset list views that you can use to display your asset list. Type view will filter your asset list by asset types. List view will list all your assets. You can select the view type in the top right of the screen.

  4. Once your list is on the page, open the asset you would like to review.

  5. Once the asset details open, in the tab menu select Tracking detail

  6. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the last 60 records. On this section, on the far right of the screen are your event codes. The inputs are also useful for diagnosing faults as mentioned below.

Common Event codes

Event Code



while ignition on this shows up every 2 mins


Ignition On


Ignition Off


Check in without ignition


No Power


Duress On (IVMS Ony)


Duress off (IVMS Only)

 Less Common Codes 

Event Code



Accident Detected


Harsh Acceleration


Code and Meaning

Ignition on/off triggering. (codes 1 & 2)
ignition off while the machine is on.


When this happens where you can see the ignition turning on and off within the same minute you may have a loose or damaged white ignition wire. Please check the wire termination and check for signal at the plug.

Event code 99. Input 6 triggered.

This indicates loss of power to the tracker. The red wire will need to be checked for voltage and correct termination. Code 99 may not always show in the last 60 records so check input 6 and use that as confirmation that power is not being received by the tracker


Event code 1 while machine is isolated

This indicates there is a earthing problem. The chassis earth will need to be checked to make sure it is connected firmly and to the right spot.


Code 44’s displaying constantly no ignition on

This indicates that the ignition wire is loose or disconnected. Code 44 indicates some sort of movement without ignition. This could indicate something has shaken the tracker. When the code comes into the system regularly over a period of time, it can indicate that the machine is moving but no ignition has been received by the tracker.

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