FleetTrack - Asset List

The menu on the right of the screen gives you a view of your current, tracked asset list.

Any asset that has had location data posted to the system will be displayed here. This includes untracked assets that have had pre starts completed on them.


Above your list is a search feature. You can type part of an asset name here and it will suggest asset names for you to select from.


If you click on the asset you would like to view, more data will become available below the asset list. This will show the asset details as well as todays km's/hours. Also your map will change to display the location of your selected asset as well as the path it has travelled for the day.

Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_9.08.51_am.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_9.08.57_am.png

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