Dockets - Create, Review, Email & Export


Once Dockets have been submitted by the User, via the TFO App.  The Dockets section in Fleet Centre can be used to review, approve, email & export dockets. 
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Screen Screen Screen Screen

Create Docket Form

Read FleetAdmin - Forms for how to create the Docket Form.

Review Dockets

  • Click on Review
  • Use the search fields to filter required dockets.  This can be done via Date, Docket Number, Form Name, Employee or Status.



  • Click on Docket to open
  • Review entered data  
  • All data can be adjusted if required from this screen
  • Use the Status dropdown to approve or reject the Docket
  • Click Save
  • Any changes will be recorded in the "Show History" section at the bottom of the docket
  • Click on View/Send Docket to email 



Creating Docket PDF Templates

Go the FleetAdmin - Creating PDF Templates for how to create Templates

Creating Docket Email Templates

Go the FleetAdmin - Creating Email Templates for how to create Templates

View / Email Docket Individually

  • From Review go into required Docket
  • Scroll to the bottom of Docket to View/Send Docket
  • Go to View/Send Docket below


Email Multiple Dockets

  • Tick on required Dockets
  • Click on Bulk Actions
  • Choose Email



View / Send Docket

  • Select the required Email Template 



  • Enter the email address - It is possible to add static emails into Email Templates
  • Ensure you hit Enter or Tab - The email address will need to be boxed in purple


Adding Attachments to Emails

  • Click on Attachments



  • Select the required Template from the dropdown
  • If you have selected multiple Dockets, select a template for each
  • Once templates have been selected you can View Pdf



  • Additional files - Attach any images or forms that are required
  • Click on back
  • Selected Dockets will be listed in email & next to the attachments
  • Click on send to email

Exporting Dockets

The export function allows you to export docket data into a CSV file.

  • Click Export Dockets
  • Use filters to collate required data
  • Click Export
  • Use checklist to include required columns
  • Click Export



Next Step > Email Dockets from TFO App 

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